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The meeting of different cultures, treasures to be discovered

Our art treasures are many: churches and castles, frescoes and noble mansions. The Castello d’Altaguarda in Bresimo, that rises at an altitude of 1274 m, is one of the highest castles in Trentino. The Santuario di Santa Maria sanctuary. The Church of San Giorgio in Cis, the Chiesa della Natività di Maria church in Varollo, the Toresela and Castel Zoccolo in Livo, the 15th century mural frescoes of Wegher house in Marcena di Rumo, Castel Placeri, the church of San Udalrico with important Baschenis frescoes in Corte Inferiore, the Baldessari house, the Castello di Mocenigo, the Chiesa di S.Vigilio church in Lanza. And more: the parish church of San Valentino in Cagnò and Pontata house dated 1365, Visintainer house, the de Pretis residence in the garden of which stands the tallest sequoia of Trentino; outside the town there is the San Gallo hermitage and the ruins of the Castello di Cagnò castle. The Campia house in Revò, an elegant building built in 1665, the Ziller house, formerly Thun and then Martini with frescoes dating back to 1616 and 1620. The parish church of San Vitale in Romallo, consecrated in 1412; outside the town there is the church of San Biagio with the annexed hospice both located on the summit of an enormous rocky outcrop surrounded by the gorges of the Novella stream, a hundred metres deep and monumentally eroded by the water.

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