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The special ingredient is simple cooking

Vino groppelloHolidays also mean gastronomic enjoyment, and Trentino’s cuisine is special in
that department. Mountain landscapes, enchanting forests, emerald green meadows generate special emotions … But although one does not live to eat, even the palate wants its special holiday. Trentino cuisine is capable of satisfying all tastes, from the most sophisticated to the most simple, with 5-course dinners or diet meals, with genuine dishes and refined recipes. There’s everything for everyone …Even the famous Valle di Non apple is not only beautiful to look at when in Spring the valley blooms with spectacular blossoms, but is also extremely versatile in the kitchen.In this land of important borders, open to and friendly with everyone, the cooking widely ranges from decidedly Austro-Tyrolean to excellently interpreted traditional Italian.

The Maddalene also produce an autoctonous Valle di Non variety of grapes, in the Revò, Cagno and Romallo area, that is used to make “Groppello” wine.

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Prodotti tipici della Val di Non

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