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Hiking to learn to understand the mountains!

Hiking is the contrary of the quick and distracted visit to the environment. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to perceive and understand the truest aspects of the mountains, while enjoying its spaces, the wind and the colours …
The paths are well indicated, so all you need do is put your hiking shoes on, shoulder your bag, open your map and depart for a lovely hike of the Maddalene. Many guides and maps of the area are available for those wishing to start off well informed.
Excursioning is the expression of intelligent tourism, of the curious tourist in search of simple emotions conquered step after step. Reach the summit of a mountain after a lovely walk: it’s an exciting moment of relaxation and in an oasis of peace and freshness, the purest of relations with the Maddalene, the real experience of the deep dimension of silence. There is an infinity of possible and suitable itineraries, ranging from the very difficult to the shorter but equally interesting excursions. You are free to choose the most suitable and interesting. The Maddalene range is crossed by two important routes: the Bonacossa path that from Passo Palade reaches the Valle di Rabbi, and a section of the Italia path. .

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